Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Wall is Up

I am trying to get back into drawing and hopefully painting again. Over the past month I haven't done anything and am feeling the itch. I also am thinking of starting an etsy shop to sell them with the jewelry I make as well. That or look into the local farmers markets which have become more craft then produce. Wish me luck!

Pinterest has become such a fun little tool. Such inspiration and great ideas are found just by browsing through people's pics. I love it. Join if you haven't yet.

Also Ben3 is gone. In short he picked a fight, made me feel like shit about something I said to which I apologized repetedly, in doing so flipped his issues of not wanting a relationship onto me. Son of a bitch. Lesson learned and this hard ass woman is back. I'm more upset that I apologized for something so little and became "that girl" then I am that we are done. On to the next. Have a date with Ben4 tomorrow. lol on to the next :)