Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Wall is Up

I am trying to get back into drawing and hopefully painting again. Over the past month I haven't done anything and am feeling the itch. I also am thinking of starting an etsy shop to sell them with the jewelry I make as well. That or look into the local farmers markets which have become more craft then produce. Wish me luck!

Pinterest has become such a fun little tool. Such inspiration and great ideas are found just by browsing through people's pics. I love it. Join if you haven't yet.

Also Ben3 is gone. In short he picked a fight, made me feel like shit about something I said to which I apologized repetedly, in doing so flipped his issues of not wanting a relationship onto me. Son of a bitch. Lesson learned and this hard ass woman is back. I'm more upset that I apologized for something so little and became "that girl" then I am that we are done. On to the next. Have a date with Ben4 tomorrow. lol on to the next :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Car Wash Kiss

Ok last Saturday I decide I need to wash my car. I go to Sloppy Joes, this big car wash where they do everything. I park my car and sit on a bench outside while they wash and vaccume the car. I got the works so I knew I had a while to wait. Suddenly I hear a guy asking who owns my car. I look up and see a cute young guy walking to me. He walks me to my car, we chat about the weather while walking over. Comment on how nice it is today. I think nothing of it. Then he shows me my windshield and tells me I have some chips in it and need some filler, gives me a speach about how one more rock can break it and start a big crack. I agree to spend 30 bucks on that. Then he asks me what my plans are for the day. Am I spending it with my husband or boyfriend. I giggled and said no, then he asked if I was looking for one. Which I just laughed. at. He asked me for my number and I thought sure why not. We walked inside so I could pay for all the car stuff they were doing and give him my number. I do that and as I was about to leave to go back outside and wait he comes in for a kiss! I give him my cheek and then he asks me if he can have a real kiss... I said and I quote " Are you kidding me, I am in a Fucking car wash!!" and I want my number back.

Of course the 2 guys I told this story to did not find it as funny as I did. I laughed for a while about it but they found it disturbing. Its just another day in the life of me ;)

A few Bens later

I havent blogged in a while. Been busy and forgetful. Looking at my blog updates are needed. Ben1 is gone. Never had a date 2. He got weird and I was out. There was a Ben2 that met me for drinks but there wasnt one bit of chemistry. It was actually hard to make it through the drink we had. Why give info of yourself and put effort into something you know is not going anywhere. But men are easy in that they want to talk about themselves so we left the date and I knew his life story and I dont think he knew one bit about me. There is a Ben3 and so far so good. We met Friday night for coffee which led to dinner which led to a second date on Saturday night. Really hopeful about this one. Nice smart guy. Not gonna say more because I am not going to jinx it.

In other news I have realized I feeling more and more comfortable here in Cali. I am understanding the people more and making more friends. Getting a little group of good people to hang with. I know I have made a friend or 2 for life. Of course they are transplants like me haha. Nothing is perfect.

lisbeth's style

I loved Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The American version was perfectly done. First the begining credits was the most interesting and best I have seen in a long time. I have seen the European version and tried to read the books. I couldnt make it past the first 30 pages but people say once you do your hooked. I will give it another try. Back to the movie. I thought the actors were spot on. Rooney Mara who plays Lisbeth did an amazing job. Daniel Craig was handsom but for the first time his looks were not a distraction haha. Both fit their roles well. I loved Lisbeth's style. The hair was the weirdest cut I have ever seen, I tried to figure it out but it just didnt make sense. With that said I still loved it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First date w a Cali guy

hi! So I went on a date last night, first date with someone I met online. Lets call him Ben. I cant stand online dating but its a good way to meet people these days. Its still just as tough as going to a bar. You have to weed through the crazies and creeps. Who is looking for a hook up and who is looking for a mother. It is harder to tell the liars from the honest joes. When you meet someone in a bar you can tell when they are full of shit or at least I can. Online it takes an email or two, a phone call to tell what kind of person they are.

So anyway..Ben. We had emailed a few times then talked on the phone. Unfortunately he is as much of a decision maker as I am so we had a hard time picking a place and thing to do. He was way more confident then I was that we would hit it off. I was aiming for a quick drink or coffee for a first date and he was up for a whole day of stomping around town. I think he is just a more optimistic person or I have been on more crappy first dates then he. Which I think is the case. So we met at this really nice outdoor mall. One of the things I love about Cali is there outdoor malls. It was a bit chilly yesterday but we sat outside and had some coffee then decided to go to a movie. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I know its not a date movie but he had read the books and I had seen the European version so we knew what we were getting into. Ps great movie. We then went for pizza and joked around a lot. He laughed when I took the kids menu to and crayons to color while we waited for our food. We did the puzzle on the menu which was cute. Overall it was a very nice first date.

Stay tuned

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have been away for a long time, sorry I havent blogged...not that anyone reads this anyway. So I went to NY over the holidays. Loved it. Saw old friends, ate some real pizza, and just drove around the old neighborhood. I miss it. Of course there were moments where I wondered if I should move back but for right now I am where I need to be. Back in freaken hot Cali. It was almost 80 today. Thats crazy! But lets see whats new... idk so I will update soon

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I am home in NY for the holidays. I arrived Friday night after a very bumpy and odd flight. I should have known I was in for a long day when I was flagged in the security line for a bag check and pat down. All because I had a few candles and magnets in my bag that I was giving as gifts. Even the security guard who came to clear me was annoyed he had been called over. Rediculous but I smiled and laughed because I had time to spare and he was easy on the eyes. Hey I get action were I can these days. Anyway I sat and watched some man paw threw my underware and then take the items in question back to the xray to prove it was in fact a candle. I repacked my bag and just as I sat in the waiting area with my starbucks I hear my name being called to go to the gate. First flash is my mother has tracked me down but then that seems odd so then I thought they are taking my bag bc it is slightly to big to be a carry on. Turns out they wanted me to move seats to help a mother and child sit together. I was happy to do it and went back to the waiting area. That is where I saw a couple that I literally prayed to the Lord above not to sit next to. They had to be in their upper 70s, wealthy New York couple, loud and dressed somewhat eccentric. Him in a simple suit and her all black with a kelly green hat and plaid Prada bag. I said ok just loud NY couple, welcome home. I ignored her asking the men at the gate what food they offer then ignored her telling her husband that they should find food then again maybe not. Ignored the staring at people who she felt were beneath her. BUT I could not ignore what happened next. She took off her jacket to reveal a skin tight black top and leggings. No bra and when you are wearing a size too small a black top will become see through. Oh yes I saw everything. Nauseated I entered the plane. The rest of the flight was not as strange. I met a woman named Sara who sat a few seats away from me. Typical Californian, blond, tan skin, 40ish, brought snacks which she shared with everyone. Wasabi peas and carrots. Next to her was Emily who was 12, lives with her dad most of the year and her mother the rest. Her mom is remarried and living in NY. Now I dont ask people questions or talk. I just smile and it pours out of them. I listen and enjoy hearing their stories. I am happy to be in NY.