Monday, February 27, 2012

A few Bens later

I havent blogged in a while. Been busy and forgetful. Looking at my blog updates are needed. Ben1 is gone. Never had a date 2. He got weird and I was out. There was a Ben2 that met me for drinks but there wasnt one bit of chemistry. It was actually hard to make it through the drink we had. Why give info of yourself and put effort into something you know is not going anywhere. But men are easy in that they want to talk about themselves so we left the date and I knew his life story and I dont think he knew one bit about me. There is a Ben3 and so far so good. We met Friday night for coffee which led to dinner which led to a second date on Saturday night. Really hopeful about this one. Nice smart guy. Not gonna say more because I am not going to jinx it.

In other news I have realized I feeling more and more comfortable here in Cali. I am understanding the people more and making more friends. Getting a little group of good people to hang with. I know I have made a friend or 2 for life. Of course they are transplants like me haha. Nothing is perfect.

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