Monday, November 14, 2011

And The Freaks Come Out At Night....

Sunday we went to LA for the day. Its about 2 hours away so a good day trip. We did all the fun things like the walk of stars, Hollywood sign, Santa Monica pier and the yummy Randy's Donut. Now I could go into detail on all the fun things we saw but I'm not. I feel I want to focus on one issue I kept noticing.... the homeless and freak situation in LA. Now in NY we had Giuliani who made all the homeless magically disappear and the freaks well they cant afford NY anymore.  In LA they are everywhere. At the beach you have to walk around them. On the Santa Monica Pier they are all around. So while your trying to buy a hot dog or take a picture with your kids you can try to ignore the guy with the gorilla mask dancing to Michael Jackson. There were quite a few half dressed people talking to themselves and dancing to music only they can hear.  Hollywood blvd with its walk of stars is littered with people asking for money or trying to sell you something you are not sure what. You spend half the time dodging tourists and the other half dodging the sketchy people walking about. Now there is sketchy and there is sketchy. The kind on Hollywood blvd are the people with no hands lighting fireworks..yes you read me right. Try to walk past that and pretend you are really interested in Danny Divito's star. It reminds me of Time Square in the 80s. Not a place you wanna be at night. And oh yes I feel terrible for the homeless yes yes yes but its really a situation out here.

Although on another thought if I was gonna be homeless I would do it here. Perfect weather, freedom to set up camp anywhere you like even in the middle of a sidewalk, sleep on the beach and you can get a dollar taco on just about every corner.... just saying

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