Thursday, November 17, 2011

Date Night

So I kinda crashed but was also invited on my cousin and his wife's date night. We went to this very cool, stylish place called Solace in Encinitas,CA. I loved the artwork in this place. Hey they have a pic of "the dude" on the wall. The food is amazing there as well. So I had no idea that date night was all about indulging on good drinks and rich food. We had a cheese plate for an app plus we ordered the grilled cheese dinner as an app to share. 4 different gourmet cheeses in this grilled cheese. Then we each ordered dinner which looked so good I tried to take a pic. We even got so bold that we ordered dessert. I do feel slightly uncomfortable and not at all datish but it was a fun night. Hey how can you go wrong with good food and good company...come on.

I did notice the table next to us. A woman and a guy on a first date. The three of us spoke about it while walking to our car after dinner. While the girl was in the restroom the guy made a phone call and told whom ever was on the phone that the date was going great. I hadn't paid much attention to them but we did notice he did all the talking. It made me think of the dates I had been on where the guy did all the talking. Where I walked away knowing everything about him and he not knowing a thing about me. I'm guessing like the girl tonight, no desire to see these guys again. He thinks this date went great but did it really? Is he selling himself to her because he is insecure or is he that conceded? I always took it as conceded but my male cousin saw it as insecurity. hmm something to think about :)

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