Sunday, December 11, 2011

And the holiday parties start

Last night I went to a Christmas party at a friend of a friend's house. I didnt know many people and the ones I did know I had met only a few times. It was a neighbor hood party with a few extra people like myself thrown in. The people were all very nice but I was noticeably the youngest one there and the only unmarried/no kids person as well. Little hard to talk about kids and husbands when you dont have one. Also hard to explain to people why you are in California when they make comments like "oh really? you just moved to job"... ya fun. We did a Yankee swap which is always fun. I had a few gifts throughout the night like gift cards. I did pick the one gift I had no use for, it was a "mom calender". A super organized calender for big families which everyone thought to be hilarious considering it was me that was stuck with it. Luckily a woman made her husband take it from me bc she felt bad. I ended up with The Hangover 2 on blue ray which sucks bc I dont even have a tv or dvd player right now lol. My cousin has a yankee swap next week she is going to and is going to take it there. The same people will be at this one so it will be funny.  I wont be there so I wont have to deal with the backlash :)

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