Thursday, December 8, 2011

Under Pressure

Christmas shopping is usually my favorite thing to do. I love thinking of what others would want as a gift. Seeing how happy they are when they open it. The hunting for good buys and great ideas. I tend to spend way to much and give too many gifts. This year however I don't have the money.  I am not working right now and my small savings is going fast. So this is where the frustration comes in. I am trying to be creative and use my art background and skills for gifts. I did a few crafty things that look good but I feel its not enough. In years past I knew what I wanted to get and found the best deal for it. This year I am drawing blanks as to what to get and have no energy to hunt. I think I know why. California. Yup I am blaming the warm weather and sun. Just last week I was at the beach. I am not ready for Christmas, its not cold and there is no snow. It doesn't feel real. I need to get my act together asap. OK! I am running to the outlets!!! I will let you know how I do!

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