Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pancakes, Coke and McDonalds Will Cure All

Last night was a friends birthday so we went to this nice Japanese place called Tomiko. Cool place with some good specials. They kept happy hour going all night on a Saturday. Perhaps they are in trouble but whatever the reason it helped us out haha. One of the things we had was the spicy calamari which I have to go back for as well as the spicy pear martini. I unfortunately didn't get that one but got a mandarin orange martini that was like drinking an orange halls cough drop. I was given some really good sake though. Now I know nothing about sake and have only had it a few times but I know a good drink when I have one. Daiginjo Sake "Tears of Dawn" its called. The pic above is the bottle. Very smooth and everyone seemed to enjoy it. As suggested by a friend I might use it on a date, give the illusion of knowing what I'm doing and order it.

I had a good time chatting with people and did more laughing then I've done in a few weeks. Love that feeling when everyone has the same energy and drinking at the same pace so we are all in sync. Ended the night at a friends where there was hope for dancing but we all were getting sleepy and just hung out more. Today however I woke up feeling a tad slow and in need of painkillers.  Well worth it of course :)

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